Ladies Belt 20 mm


  • Chicago GreenChicago Green
  • Chicago RoseChicago Rose
  • Chicago TanChicago Tan
  • Cosmo Dusty PinkCosmo Dusty Pink
  • Cosmo Midnight BlueCosmo Midnight Blue
  • Cosmo Reject Dusty PinkCosmo Reject Dusty Pink
  • Cosmo Sage GreenCosmo Sage Green
  • Daytona HazelnutDaytona Hazelnut
  • Veg Bridle NaturalVeg Bridle Natural
  • Veg NaturalVeg Natural

Stylish two-layered ladies belt. With leather outer and suede inner stitched together for a comfortable yet flexible belt that will last many years. Leather swatches are optional and subject to change.

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Size: 30, 35 and 4omm wide, made to length.
Maximum length: 140cm or 56 inches.
Belts are made to the longest length possible and are fitted with an interset screw. The screw can be loosened, the belt cut to length, and the buckle refitted.

Please select size: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46